The aggregation of colored individuals into a deep black visualizes the philosophy of chromatic BLaCK.

Four musicians as different as possible transform into one loud ensemble. chromatic BLaCK is not a conventional band, but a concept of music, performance and visual aspects.
A passion for arts and music, the refuse of any cliches and an excessive attitude originates classy music far from any style. A hybrid of analog and digital worlds: New School Rock 'n' Roll penetrated by synthetic effect collages.
It is not the aim to categorize the music in standard genres - the music has to be experienced by oneself to be fully understood. The sweaty live shows which often get out of control emphasize that chromatic BLaCK knows how to satisfy all senses.

After the release of the debut album 'chromatic BLaCk' (2010) in Canada, USA, Germany, Austria and Switzerland with Jörg Evers as producer, OK! Good Records and Sony Music as distributor, it was decided to breach these conventions deliberately.

With the new EP 'BUSINESSASUSUALISUNACCEPTABLE' (2012) the title becomes the concept. The chromatic men will spread their music for free in an exclusive way. Go to to check the experiment.

Whether Politics, Environment, Economy or Culture

chromatic BLaCK are:
Mad Marvellous Guitar
daniel R mueller Voice, Synthy
Monsieur Boum Jaques Drums
Carl Creepy Bass

discography: chromatic BLaCK + RiffRaff whatever (pre cB)

2003 No Fun To Have A Band (DIY)
2006 Try Your Luck (DIY)
2010 chromatic BLaCK (OK Good)

2004 Money Blocks The View (DIY)

2004 Drop The Soap (DIY)
2005 Life's A Gambling Night (DIY)
2006 Under Pressure (DIY)
2012 1, 2, 3, 8 (OK Good)

2003 Konfisziert III 'Bad Feelings' (Konfisziert)
2003 Plasic Bomb #44 'Lucky Fuck' (Plastic Bomb)
2005 Gigs For You Vol. 2 'Dirty Reality' (Gigs For You)
2007 M-Punks United 'Asshole In the Mirror' (Agressive Noise)

2006 Promo Video Clip: Life's A Gambling Night
2006 Under Pressure
2009 Alright (Cos Nothing Is Alright)
2010 Promo Video Clip: Record Out Now
2012 1, 2, 3, 8

2007 Are You Ready For Some Rock'n'Roll Tonight? (Agressive Noise)

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